Editor reconstruction project team patio Velez Blanco visit the School of Marble

Editor project team checking the different types of marble.

Editor project team checking the different types of marble.

Marble School of Fines (Almería) He has been visited by the project team Editor, optional construction management and health and safety coordination for the reconstruction of the Patio of the Castillo de Vélez-Blanco in order to meet the machinery available to the center and the various types of samples of different white marble quarries of Macael. During the visit they have participated, by the editorial team of the project, director, Pedro Salmerón Escobar; Beatriz Martin Peinado, restauradora; and Francisco Campos Fernández, technical architect, which they explained the progress made in the project responsible for the School of Marble Purposes, Joan Colmenero and Marta Mingorance, Professor and technical center. After the meeting, The drafting team has toured the facilities of the School, Knowing the different numerical control machines (CNC) it has and several samples of white marble from Macael.

The contract tender writing project, optional construction management and coordination of safety and health for reconstruction patio was announced in the BOJA 25 September 2017 and he was awarded the architect Pedro Salmerón by 121.217 euros. That three-month period since the signing of -the contraro 12 January 2018- to draft the project and the time taken to reception and settlement of the work for construction management services and health and safety coordination.

Training schools, formerly called consortiums school, They were integrated into the Andalusian Employment Service under the Decree Law 5/2015 and, in six months, the Department of Employment, And Trade Company completed the process of integration of ten centers, including the Andalusian School of Marble, in Fines, having articulated programming and methodology to give continuity to the training offer.

This network of the Andalusian was created in 1991 with the aim of providing vocational training for employment in highly specialized sectors relevant activity in Andalusia. They all have in common a training model based on quality training, with hands-on learning and the use of new technologies, and demand, adapted to the needs of the Andalusian productive fabric, ensuring their high levels of employability.

Source: EPress