Tape, Goya winner 2014 Best Documentary Feature, can be seen in the Regio Film Vera from the 19.30 hours.

El PSOE de Vera, in collaboration with UGT-Almería, has organized for next Wednesday, 9 April, the screening of the documentary 'The teachers of the Republic'. Tape, Goya winner 2014 Best Documentary Feature, will be shown from the 19.30 hours in the Regio Vera Film.

'The teachers of the Republic', Pilar Pérez Solano directed and produced by the Federation of Teaching UGT (FETE-UGT), pays tribute to the teachers who participated in the modernization of education in Spain during the Second Republic and the Civil War.

The documentary uncovers the legacy left by these women, and has come to the present, through the recreation of a teacher's time and images of unreleased archive. Through testimonies of researchers and relatives, spectators can explore the historical moment they lived these teachers and their participation in the social transformation of the country through a democratic based on the principles of public school education and.