Calar Alto director resigns “conditional budget” center.


The head of the German-Spanish Astronomical Centre (CAHA) Calar Alto, José María Quintana, has resigned to continue in the position he has held since June last year because of the budget for the organization for this year that includes an annual expenditure of 1,6 million corrected to the 2,2 million euros from driving the remaining center.

“My resignation is conditioned budget. I do not know manage that budget”, Quintana explained after confirming that recorded its resignation last January shortly after the approval of the accounts for this year with you, as pointed, and expressed “disagreement”.

Quintana, who took office last summer after the renewal of the Addendum by a reduction of the budget was agreed to 2018, explained that he prepared a budget “reasonable” for this year was “rejected and replaced by a consensus before” incorporation into the office between the CSIC and the German Max Planck Society.

So, highlighted the scientific “difficulty” involved in managing the largest astronomical observatory of Continental Europe with a budget of these features. “I am not able to remove it with that budget. I want to squeeze like a lemon and still can not do”, he assured the CAHA still manage.

CSIC sources have confirmed to Europa Press that Quintana had made known his decision to leave the direction of the astronomical center, so that it is in a process of finding candidate who could pay off within approximately two months.

Latest claims CAHA partners go through the observatory is capable of producing new economic resources to fund its maintenance, as forecasts on budget availability for the coming years are “bleak” and weigh on already depleted accounts, recognized according to Quintana

The proposed consensus starting earlier this year would be to put a price on activities already under way at the observatory and add new services, although they still have to determine which proposals would be likely to form part of this model.

(Europa Press)