The delegate of Health visit the water treatment Almeria Albox.

Albox General

The delegate of Health of the Junta de Andalucía has visited the facilities of the new water treatment Albox after the municipal water received historical rating of safe water for consumption. Alfredo Valdivia checked accompanied by Rogelio Mena Socialist mayor and members of the government team the water cycle as it passes through the Water purification -ETAP- Albox.

The Andalusian described at the end of last year the water supplied from the water treatment to albojenses homes as safe water for consumption, ending a historic health problem in the town of Albox thanks to the efforts of the socialist government and the Junta de Andalucía with the support of neighbors albojenses.

Potable water 100%

The provincial health officer has come on Thursday morning ETAP facilities Albox on a visit in which those responsible for water management company Gestagua explained every detail of the operation of the new plant. The delegate praised the "enormous effort made by the City of Albox with close work with the Delegation for water to fulfill the required parameters and when opening the tap water is drinkable 100%".

Alfredo Valdivia has concluded that the water suitable for consumption a reality in Albox. "We're not talking about a problem a few years but decades. I think it is beneficial to the residents of Albox this collaboration between administrations "and as health authority has asked to keep" outside politics water potability dispute because first we have to ensure is the health of the residents ", has asked.

Albox Mayor Rogelio Mena, thanked the visit of the delegate of the Junta de Andalucía upon a declaration of safe water consumption with what this means for everyday neighbors. "The albojenses have not only lost their fear of going outside as it did a year ago due to insecurity we have also suffered for decades until the Mayor and City Council, infected by the courage of many neighbors, I stood. Now not afraid to open the tap for cooking and personal hygiene thanks to running water for months by our pipelines is water quality ", has held the mayor.