The delegate of the Environment monitors the actions of cleaning and clearing in Olula del Río Almanzora


The Andalusian Government has undertaken a series of actions of cleaning and clearing Almanzora River as it passes through the town of Olula del Rio. The work consisted mainly in the removal of vegetation, especially cane, along 891 meters River, from the area of ​​the mouth of the Rambla de Huitar to the area of ​​the access bridge to the heart of La Noria. This will prevent plugging of said bridge if occurring avenues.

The territorial delegate of Environment of the Junta de Andalucía, Antonio Martinez, who has overseen the actions taken, notes that "the maintenance work, adaptation and restoration of river beds that carried out the Junta de Andalucía to maintain the good ecological status of rivers and streams that run through the province, ensure the conservation of aquatic ecosystems and allow flood prevention ".

Antonio Martinez has justified these actions aimed at restoring the natural functioning of rivers and hydrological processes, without altering the landscape. "Pursuant to the Water Law of Andalusia, the Ministry of Environment is responsible for approving and implementing a specific maintenance program channels "annually and in this line, The delegate recalled that, in addition to preventive measures for maintenance of channels, the various administrations should also undertake a series of jobs as a result of planning or waterworks, urban infrastructure channels or executed outside the village, inter.

De otro lado, the Law on the National Hydrological Plan states that actions in channels in urban areas, will correspond to the competent authorities in spatial planning and urbanism, namely, to municipalities. "The withdrawal of urban residues impeding the evacuation of water from rivers , He said the delegate, It is also a municipal responsibility and in the case of agricultural residues, collection or recycling them is the responsibility of the producers ".

The actions carried out in Olula del Rio and has overseen the territorial delegate of the Environment is included within the annual maintenance program channels of the Andalusian.