The delegate of the Environment asked the mayors together to control the use of fire in agriculture.


The lack of rain and bad practices in the approved burning has increased the number of forest fires in recent months in Almería.

The territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, José Manuel Ortiz, has sent a letter to the mayors of the province of Almería in which called for support for local councils to inform their neighbors "of the need to scrupulously comply" measures when making fire in agriculture. And is that, in recent months there has been an increase in forest fires in the province, according to the delegate fires originate, mainly, low rainfall in the province suffering, well as the failure of preventive measures by some agents in agriculture and livestock when performing burning of the remains of their holdings.
Between September 2013 and February 2014, in the province have occurred 52 fire, which is a 48,5% but between September 2012 and February 2013. Traditionally, agricultural fires are the leading cause of these fires during periods of medium and low risk. However, while in the same periods of the past three years agricultural burning have been the cause of 75,2% fire, between September and February this year, the percentage has risen to 82,3%.
In view of these data and taking into account the rise in temperatures that will occur with the arrival of spring, a season in which weather forecasts do not speak of precipitation in the medium term, so is Jose Manuel Ortiz has decided to seek the cooperation municipal officials, collaboration also requested the Civil Guard and the Police Unit of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia.

Measures to comply
In the letter to the mayors, territorial delegate details the main steps that allowed farmers to conducting burning shall comply. The measures are:
-Restrict to one month burning authorizations.
-The schedule of burning will be restricted to the period between the ortho (Sunrise) and 14.00 hours.
-Location of burn piles in the center of the plot, on the far side of the mountain or vegetated area adjacent plots.
-Must be checked for required clean fuel perimeter strip around the piles of burning.
-Do not burn on windy days.
-The head of the burn is to remain in the area until the burn is completely turned off.