The delegate of Equality, Health and Social Policy Seron visit health centers and Purchena.

The territorial delegate Equality, Health and Social Policy, Alfredo Valdivia, visited Seron and Purchena, where he held a meeting with the mayors of both municipalities and has visited several dependent care centers in the Territorial Delegation of Equality, Health and Social Policy. During the day, Alfredo Valdivia has seen the development of the Law of Dependency Care in separate locations, and the management of the various health and social service resources at their disposal.

The day began with a visit to the Municipal Residence for the Elderly, currently serving 56 persons in situations of dependency and has 24 workers.

After the tour of the residence, Alfredo Valdivia has visited, with the mayor of Seron, Juan Antonio Lorenzo, the health center of the town, to study the performance of works of maintenance and improvement of its facilities.

During the visit to the municipality, Valdivia has also discussed with the mayor of Seron the situation of neighbors who have recognized their status as dependents, total 173 and to whose care work in the town about thirty people. Also, in the town there is a juvenile wards, 'Children's House', serving 7 tutored children and girls and has six full-time and two part-time.

The Mayor of Seron has exposed the territorial delegate of Equality, Health and Social Policies municipal commitment to care for dependents and made available to the Andalusian a municipal property, where the old Guardia Civil barracks was located, for the implementation of a social services center in the town.


In the town of Purchena, Alfredo Valdivia has visited the detention facility 'La Casa', concerted character, entity managed by the nonprofit Partnership for Dependents Intervention and Protection of Collective 'Inter-Prode'. The center has 23 squares and facilities performed residential care and the development of specific programs of care for those children who have severe behavioral disorders associated mostly with mental health conditions and those who have adopted administrative or judicially, protection measures. The center is currently in a period of expansion, with works that are already virtually completed.

During the course of the visit, Mayor Purchena, Juan Miguel Tortosa has highlighted the importance to the local economy have healthcare resources like this juvenile facility and another in the locality, 'The Carmens', and services associated with the Law Unit. Tortosa has raised the location in the village of future resources to improve care for people over Purchena.