The delegate of Agriculture appreciates the Orientation Program Agricultural Socio developing centers Oria Children and Purchena.

General Oria Purchena

The delegate of Agriculture visits crop farms located near the center 'Tierras de Oria', where young people are.

José Manuel Ortiz, territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, has reviewed the results of the Program Socio Agricultural Market Integration is carried out at the Center for Children 'Land Oria’ and the Center for Labor Market for Children Purchena. The program is carried out by the company Insert Integration and Training, a company promoted by the nonprofit association GINSO (Association for the Management of Social Integration), which aims to improve and facilitate labor market participation of socially excluded groups.

On a visit to the farm next to the Centro 'Land Oria', the delegate of the Board has known the activity performed by children with growing vegetables and fruit in some farms were abandoned or were in the hands of seniors, and have given up part of such properties, giving service to others. In these farms, while the minor forms, harvested products are marketed subsequently. Today feature 13 farms with an area of ​​approximately 11 hectares, where they are employed 15 children and youth.

Program Orientation and Integration, as explained to delegate representatives Ginso Agriculture and Inserts, takes into account the current situation of the labor market and the difficulty of access to the minors and young, y en especial aquellos que cumplen una medida judicial. For this reason, has launched this program with the intention of facilitating the training-employment access and promote their socio-labor, and match these groups equal opportunities and the rest of society.