The delegate of Agriculture highlighted in Cantoria producing organic eggs as an alternative to self-employment in rural areas.

Singing General

José Manuel Ortiz, territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment of the Junta de Andalucía has stressed the production of organic eggs "as an established alternative with a great future for self-employment and wealth creation in rural areas of the province of Almería". This was said during the visit he made today at a poultry farm Cantoria ecological commissioning, underway since last December on the initiative of businessman Juan Manuel García Torrecillas.

The farm, the first production of organic egg that starts in the Alto Almanzora, has an authorized capacity 1.702 hens and in its first months of operation has generated two jobs. In areas where there are no viable other more intensive production, organic production is an appropriate way to increase the profitability of poultry. Organic egg production is directed to a particular sector of the population that values ​​the differentiated product, and having sufficient purchasing power for consumption of such products. There is currently a high demand for this product by foreign consumers.

The Andalusian is aware of this reality, and for this reason offers support, both economic and training, dissemination and promotion of consumption. Specifically, and given the interest that exists for organic poultry start, the Ministry of Agriculture has held in recent years in the Alto Almanzora two days of training, conferences that had a big attendance of persons, both from Almería, as other Andalusian provinces.

In the province of Almería are no registered seven poultry farms start, which, Both are organically produced eggs -the Cantoria and another in pulpit, a camper, Arboleas, and four industrial -Laujar of Andarax, Pulpí, Vicar and Vélez-Rubio. Poultry production is Almeria 988.000 dozen eggs, with a value of 1,125 million.