The Andalusian Ombudsman initiated proceedings against the Council of Almería in the subject Galasa

Headquarters Galasa.


Municipal Citizen Observatory Vera (OCM Vera) He has filed a complaint with the Ombudsman of Andalusia at the lack of response from the Provincial de Almería respect to a request for information on the economic status of Galasa.

Press Release

Last 29 April, from the Observatorio Ciudadano Municipal de Vera, We propose a request for information to the Provincial de Almería respect to the company responsible for water supply in the Bajo Almanzora and Levante Almeriense, GALASA. Our request gathered three demands: meet debt between the company and the city of Vera, also know the total amount of debts of Galasa and sharing it among every people of the region that is a shareholder and, last, know the detail of such debt accounting items. Days after, instead, Almería Provincial Council replied that "is not the competent authority to whom to address the request for information that interests" and that, in any case, we should redirect our request to the offices of Galasa or own D. Gabriel Amat Ayllón, President of both the Council and the public commercial.

During the month of May, as we said the provincial institution, we sent the same request to the Virtual Office Galasa and the Legal Service of the President of Council. So far neither responded to the request. Therefore, the 11 July registered a complaint with the Ombudsman of Andalusia (dPA) due to lack of response Amat Ayllón. Two days later, the 13 July, DPA agreed to hear our complaint. Finally, It has notified us today that it will initiate proceedings "before the Provincial de Almería, in order to explicitly solve, without further ado, The brief presented 29 of April".

As we have said on other occasions, what we want with this request is to have all the information possible to raise in our town a citizens' debt audit. Also, we start one of the ideas already launched in the presentation of our CMO: observe not only the municipalities, but also Diputaciones. Of course, in our province, we are still far from building as in Catalonia- an observatory for this institution. However, our purpose as part of the Platform for Citizen Debt Audit (PACD) It is to extend the network of observatories as many municipalities. Last, with the filing of this complaint we want to show that the current state of the Galasa is not simply explained by a "mismanagement" of commodity, but by an economic policy, systematically, explodes and destroys services and public companies for the benefit of a few. Opacity and difficulty in accessing the information on the status of Galasa are two of the tools that facilitate the political economy that transforms public institutions in a farmhouse. For these reasons we have presented the complaint to the Ombudsman of Andalusia.