Velez Almanzora Levante Consortium accountable in the last General Meeting this mandate

Urracal naturally

Monday morning 13 May, It was held the General Meeting of the Almanzora-Levante-Vélez Consortium for Urban Solid Waste Collection.

Eight points on the agenda, including budget settlement included 2018, budget approval 2019, and the presentation of the Economic and Financial Report (auditing) carried out by the supramunicipal body, at the request of former vice president of the Consortium and representative of Cuevas del Almanzora, Indalecio Modesto (citizens).

Almost certainly, It was the last General Meeting of this mandate (2015-2019), as from 26 May should become a new direction. The Board was repeated since the announcement last Monday 6, with holiday in between, It did not arrive in a timely manner and three villages, Chirivel, Arboleas and Velez Blanco, They requested by letter repeating the same.

To highlight has been the appointment of the new manager of the Consortium, Marta Sánchez who replaces Carmen Moncada official who had held temporarily in charge and whom President Antonio Martinez Pascual Consortium thanked "for their excellent management".

Only four representatives of municipalities governed by the PSOE (Arboleas, Singing, Sanding and Seron) They were present at the repetition of this assembly, Although absent municipalities as Chirivel and Velez Blanco had requested repetition, something that was remembered at the end of the meeting.

All the points were approved with votes in favor of the municipalities that support the management of Pascual (PP + independent Albanchez) and votes against the remaining four municipalities, resulting in 587 for and 109 votes against.

Pascual Martinez gave an account to the representatives of the different municipalities assistants, consortium numbers resulting from the audit carried out, "Which it has been reflected by the financial economic report, when we arrived the debt was over 24 million euros and is now 12 ", said the head of the agency who said he had managed to "responsibility, service and good management ".

Among the issues that remain to be defined, It is the construction of the cell 3 Weir Albox, He is waiting that the City issued a license, which would accommodate waste until 2027.

World Recycling Day

belonging to all municipalities he was also invited to the Almanzora-Levante Consortium-Vélez, to participate in an open day to be held next 17 It may in the facilities owned by the consortium in the landfill, for World Recycling Day.

"You are all invited and ask them to continue to work together, security and the conviction that we belong to a consortium that every day recycle more and better ", Martinez said Pascual to close the last General Meeting of this period.