The Almanzora-Levante Consortium-Vélez, increases the amount of packaging containers in 45 Municipalities

Victor Vázquez, Ecoembes representative.

Victor Vázquez, Ecoembes representative.

The result of collaboration between the Almanzora-Levante-Vélez Consortium for collection and treatment of urban solid waste and Ecoembes, environmental non-profit organization that promotes circular economy through recycling of packaging, Tuesday morning was presented at the recovery and composting plant, the recent incorporation of containers for waste collection containers.

En total son 66 new larger containers (3.200 liters) for selective collection of plastic containers, Lats of Bricks (yellow container) and packaging paper and cardboard (blue container), to be installed on the sidewalks of 45 municipalities consortium, to thereby meet the growing demand for neighbors near their homes have container to assist in the recycling cycle.

The action responds to a Plan of Action, which it has seen an increase in the frequency of collection in summer to give quality service in line with the significant population increases in summer season.

Also with the collaboration of Ecoembes, this summer has launched a campaign for the first time in the hotel establishments of the towns of Mojacar and Vera, in which it has been invited to participate collaborating on the separation of packaging generated in their shops. The Almanzora-Levante Consortium-Vélez, He has approached their kitchens, Buckets for source separation and has also been provided a container adapted for easy storage in street, trying to locate them in the vicinity of their establishments.

Joined these actions are being carried out awareness campaigns among the population. Currently they are being made by all municipalities educational monologues, campaigns have been carried interaction in markets coast and soon it is expected participation in the fair Almería has Norte; also soon will begin a competition for youth institutes in the area served by the consortium ALV. "With all these campaigns with Ecoembes we create habits that contribute to recycling", says the president of the organization, Antonio Martínez Pascual.

Ecoembes function is simply to make it possible for the containers deposited in the yellow and blue containers are recycled and have a second life. For this, We coordinate all those involved in the process of recycling of containers: companies that put packaged products on the market; citizens who buy and consume after deposit them in the container; the municipalities that are responsible for selective collection and later, reach and sorting plants, last, recyclers that process the waste into new raw material. "In Spain, Thanks to our activity and to all who make it possible (citizens, administrations and companies), already they are recycling 76% packaging ", says Víctor Vázquez, Local and regional specialist Ecoembes Management in Andalusia.

Ecoembes this morning represented by Víctor Vázquez, informs us that the container park managed by Ecoembes packaging (yellow) in the consortium amounts to 1.300 units, 850 of them for separate collection of plastic containers, Lats of Bricks. Containers are available to citizens the 24 hour, the 365 days a year, contributing to have been recycled near 1.800 tons of containers for 2016. The 60% them, 990 tonnes, It corresponds to the packaging container yellow, It is the rest packaging container blue.