The Consistory of Arboleas document receives final approval to legalize 298 housing


The government team of the City of Arbolas reported that it has already received one of the most important documents and expected; final approval of Innovation No. 14 the land-use planning. And the Provincial Planning Commission approved, unanimously, legalization 298 houses that were located were the city limits. News that the mayor, Cristóbal García, It has been rated as "very positive", because "for us represents a before and after in the Process of Regularization of Urban Development in Arboleas. It means a definitive solution to all illegal housing in unconsolidated urban land and is a great relief for everyone ".

This document means that the local authority has already overcome the most difficult obstacles found during the process of regularization and, From this moment, the necessary steps are initiated to develop plans that will an expected end to this process. "We are very pleased with the work done and is the best gift we could receive both we and the owners this holiday season", ha argumentado el primer edil.

It stands arboleas, so, in one of the first municipalities in the province in urban regularization. "We have not stopped for a moment since we started this complex process. Our duty and our fundamental commitment to affected neighbors to normalize the urban situation. And a few years have passed, but the wait worth it", Garcia has said Christopher. With these words, He pointed out that to reach this point has made three Urbanísticas Innovations PGOU Arboleas: Innovation -12, Innovation and Innovation-13 -14. all, within the law in urban planning.

Once the mayor took the opportunity to acknowledge the work and commitment of each of the people involved in this process. "I want to thank my fellow councilors professionalism, delivery and, especially, the confidence that they have always shown me. Clearly this is the best news we could have before the end of the year ", He noted the mayor. It is recalled that the affected houses were built outside the city limits in the subsidiary regulations of the year 1997 and Modification 2001. “Our neighbors are not guilty of the mistakes that have been committed in the past and even less, in urban planning. For this reason, we had to solve this big problem but in a definitive way ", It has been claimed.

Regarding housing sorting out which are located in different towns of the Almanzora, Cristobal Garcia has opined that the situation is different in each zone. "What I mean is that each people must raise their own Urban Development Plan and approach it with the Andalusian, logically because each is different. For Arboleas, the approach adopted has been agreed with those responsible for these areas”.

However, the Consistory began a process of regularization having "maximum clarity and legal certainty", so that the solution will be permanent and all legal parabienes. To this collaboration between government team adds, municipal technicians and Andalusian; a matter of vital importance for final approval.