The Governing Council reinforced 10,3 million to local authorities to meet the dependent people.

The Board ensures the funding to hire 268 social workers against cuts 314 million from the central government in recent years.

The Governing Council has agreed distribution 10,29 million between the eight county councils and 82 Andalusian municipalities over 20.000 inhabitants to finance, this year, maintenance contracts 268 Social workers who are staff reinforcement for the care of dependent. Approved despite the contribution is made to the cuts made by central government, course who stop receiving Andalucía 314 million euros from 2012 and financing the 72% of the total investment associated with the Law Unit in the autonomous community.

The staff performs reinforcement-related processing applications scales of dependence on Community Social Services activities, as well as home care. These departments are responsible for managing the facilities and provide information and advice to citizens, with special attention to groups such as the elderly and disabled immigrants. Management responsibility to local authorities and funding by the Local Administrations, regional and state.

Since 2006 the Board has enabled credits to the recruitment of additional staff by the county councils and municipalities annually over 20.000 people. Having the resources appropriated for 2014, the Board has allocated for this purpose 131,39 million.

Development of the System for Autonomy and Care for Dependency in Andalucia, representing nearly a quarter of all beneficiaries and benefits the whole country, forces to strengthen the field of social workers. In the case of administrative staff, following the decision of the Government of Spain to delay a 2015 dependent recognition moderate, not anticipated the need for a massive processing new records.

The autonomous region encompasses the 22% of the beneficiaries in the whole of Spain. Currently there 230.543 benefits provided and 169.048 beneficiaries. Also, 43.180 Andalusian receive home help service, representing 36% the national total, while other 57.600 are beneficiaries of Telecare Service (47% the total set of Spain).

The Regional Government has allocated 6.743 million euros for the development of Law Unit. The budgets of the Board for 2014 are reported 1.115 million.