The General Comptroller certifies the correctness of the errors found in the supporting payments, available allowing 28,6 million.

The Governing Council has agreed to lift the temporary suspension of funding for Rural Development Groups (GDR), it imposed in April 2013 errors detected in the justification of certain payments. Far, that is adopted after the report of the General Comptroller of the Board in the correction of these incidents is verified, allow these entities have the 28,6 million relating to two of the five lines of LiderA Program, Board and funded by the European Union.

Of this amount, the GDR counted immediately 15,3 million euros to address outstanding incentives to developers. The 13,3 million remaining, for operating expenses, be paid when presented with justifications.

In developing the program and within LiderA routine monitoring of public funds, the Board found incidences in cost control procedures in some of the 52 GDR working in Andalucía. This motivated the implementation of the Contingency Plan established in European legislation to review records, implement corrective actions to address identified gaps and implement the temporary caution about payments.

Since the launch of the program in LiderA 2009, GDRs have managed 10.000 records and have launched 5.367 projects for rural entrepreneurs, with a public investment 194 million. These grants have generated 474 million total investment, allowing the creation and consolidation of 17.203 jobs (the 45% female). In recent 20 years old, these entities have generated 30.000 projects.