The Council of Government approves the Public Employment Offer General Directors 540 sleeps


Positions, the maximum limits imposed by the State, and they are intended to priority sectors essential to the operation of the services.

The Governing Council It has approved the Public Employment Offer General Administration Board of Andalusia 2015 a total of 540 sleeps, of which 250 corresponding to free access and 290 to internal and horizontal promotion.

The positions are concentrated in the bodies and specialties whose coverage is considered a priority or affecting the functioning of public services essential character. These sectors are the only ones who can incorporate new personnel according to the Law on State Budget 2015, that secures for them a limit of 50% the effective replacement rate.

The Public Employment Offer, which it has been negotiated with the unions, It focuses on the areas of control and combating tax fraud, labor and government subsidies; management and control of the efficient allocation of public resources, and legal advice. Also, Book 7% of jobs for people who prove a disability equal to or greater than 33%. This proportion, a 5% It goes to physical disability, sensory or mental and 2% restante a intelectual.

Concerning 250 shift seats free access, 105 correspond to the higher bodies. Of them, 30 They are for general managers (grupo A1.1100) and 35 for Financial Management (grupo A1.1200). Other 25 upper bodies are for optional, with the following cast: 5 Archival (A1.2022), 5 Veterinary (A1.2012), 5 Mining Engineering (A1.2005) and 10 Occupational Medicine (A1.2009). Also, They are offered 5 places Lawyers Board (A1.3000), 5 Lawyers for the Health Management (A1.2020) and 5 for Medical Inspection (A1.2000).

For his part, in the bodies of Management and middle-level technicians are offered 60 posts, of which 20 They correspond to general administration (A2.1100), 20 to Social Work (A2.2010), 5 to Agricultural Technical Engineering (A2.2002), 5 in Mining Engineering (A2.2005), 5 Labor Nurse (A2.2019) and other 5 the Sub-inspection of health benefits and services (A2.2000).

The call for free access to officials with full 35 spaces for administrative (grupo C1.1000) and 50 for Administrative Assistants (C2.1000).

Finally, Public Employment Offer reservation 240 places for internal promotion to career civil servants of the General Administration Board, with the aim of promoting their careers through access to higher bodies. Of them, 60 They correspond to general managers, 30 Financial Management for Managers, 5 in Agricultural Engineering, 10 Administration to Management, 10 a Financial Management and 125 a Administrativos. Also offered 50 horizontal promotion places, of which 25 are for general managers and as many for Administrative Assistants.

Places approved for the General Administration in addition to the 1.875 Andalusian Health Service (SAS) and to the 1.219 of Education, corresponding to all 2015. The regional budget 2016 establishes the forecast of other 7.100 in the three areas.