The Council authorizes 39,4 million euros for the section The Cucador-La Conception of the Almanzora motorway

The Governing Council has approved an expenditure of 39,4 million euros for the construction of section of the Almanzora motorway link between the Cucador (Zurgena) and the intersection with the A-7106 (Huercal-Overa), in the province of Almería.

The project, which continues the stretch-Albox The Cucador, It includes the construction of a new carriageway 3,3 kilometer, four lanes of 3,5 meters wide each, six middle and outer berms 2,5 and inside one. bridge will be built 300 meters above the river Almanzora and two viaducts to save the ravine Llorón and Rambla del Agua.

The intervention, European funding which will fund Feder, It is supplemented by two links; one for traffic from Zurgena and the districts of El Cucador and Alfoquía, and the other for access to the nuclei of La Concepción and Huércal-Overa Palaces, and for the photovoltaic plant located in the vicinity.

The A-334, also known as Highway Almanzora, will travel 29 kilometers between ends and the Mediterranean motorway, A-7, along one of the most dynamic economic regions in the province of Almería, linked to the marble industry. This route has a daily traffic of more than 10.000 vehicles, with a high component of trucks from major production centers Olula del Rio and Macael.

The Andalusian has invested 103,4 million euros in the construction of the three sections and operational, Fines and liaison between the Cucador. The remaining two are the authorized today and will continue until the A-7, construction project which is being updated. Both add up to seven kilometers and a planned investment of more than 73 million.