The contest receives three mining rights applications for research permits in Almería.

Arboleas Chercos Códbar General Líjar Zurgena

The contest mining rights has received three applications for research permits four rights in the municipalities of Alcudia de Monteagud, Antas, Arboleas, Cóbdar, Chercos, Líjar and Zurgena, comprising 2.185,23 hectares. The opening of envelopes took place today in the Territorial Delegation of Economics, Innovation, Science and Employment, chaired by the territorial delegate, Adriana Valverde. The competition is the largest undertaken by the regional government during this term, with 113 mining rights in the province of Almería.

Two companies and one individual have filed three applications for research: Omya Clariana SA, Saint Gobain Placo S. A. and Juan Manuel Llerena Hualde, for land on which no environmental protection. Specifically, Omya Clariana has requested the right called 'White Macael Fraction II', of 698,41 hectares in the municipalities of Alcudia de Monteagud, Cóbdar, Chercos and Líjar, to investigate the presence of marble and serpentine; Saint Gobain has asked two permits to find various types of mineral resources rights 'Mary Carmen' and 'Lisbona dos', both in Antas, totaling 759,18 hectares; and Juan Manuel Llerena has requested the right 'Limaria' of 727,64 hectares in Arboleas and Zurgena, to search plaster.

"With this competition -HA explained Adriana Valverde- we respond to a demand both from industry and mining, that asks us new opportunities to investigate and exploit deposits, and the citizens themselves, that is in them an opportunity for economic growth and employment. Therefore the Board set by the development of mining as one of our main production sectors, able to absorb much of the stock of unemployment generated by the crisis in the construction, but always ensuring compliance with legislation and respect for the environment, within the philosophy of the new sustainable development model promoted by the Andalusian government ".

Also, The contest allows, as noted by the territorial delegate, "Update the Mining Register and gain a better understanding of the resources that exist in Andalusia and geological extension of our reality and mining, that the administration serves to plan and make decisions with better information, universities and researchers to hear appeals from a scientific point of view, and businesses, to estimate the economic possibilities of a particular site ".

Adriana Valverde reminded that research permits or exploitation of mineral resources are subject to compliance with certain requirements, most notably those related to the protection of the natural environment, which should be reflected in the draft presented by the person or entity that wants to exercise those mineral rights to the agencies that may be affected, as the delegations of Economics, Innovation, Science and Employment and Environment, and is further subject to public information.

Applicants for mining rights must submit a research project, EIS, to procede, restoration plan of the land affected and a guarantee based on the same.

Competition mining rights

The 113 Rights for tenders in Almeria are located in 50 municipalities across the province, occupy a 88.175 hectares and contain various mineral resources as gypsum, marble, coil, news, limestones, clay, sandstone, topaz, Dolomite, iron, kaolin, bentonite, kieselguhr, esteatita, garnet, bituminous rocks, blackboard, etc..

Applications, which could include all or part of each corresponding surfaces of mineral rights, should include, among other documents, abbreviated environmental impact study, to procede, and plan for restoration of natural areas affected by mining operations.

The contest is the largest mining rights held in Andalusia in the current legislature, with 367 rights that haunt the 250.000 hectares, and was announced in December by the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Susana Díaz. Thanks to this contest and the other 640 mining rights previously taken so far legislature, "Mining has grown from a residual sector to be a powerful industry, strong and hard ", according to president.