The Angel Public School Haro Vera available shortly cafeteria

The government team of the City of Vera headed Felix Lopez, He has resumed a project that the PP has been paralyzed for the past incomprehensibly 4 years old. This is the new cafeteria of the Bar Angel Haro whose works have begun the day 1 September, while August was devoted to gathering material and packaging of land in order to make faster the execution of works.

During his visit yesterday to the new building by the Mayor of Vera, Felix Lopez, and the Councillor for Education, Maria Montoya, Both mayors highlighted the wish that for "the first week of October is running the dining room and the children can enjoy this superb service". 50 Children can benefit from this new school infrastructure will be equipped, by agreement with the City veratense, by the Andalusian through the Department of Education and Science of Almería also it brings to tender the catering company that will do the catering.

"It is inexplicable that has deprived the children of this school such a fundamental service", Felix Lopez stated, "Since many parents are workers who perform the work day outside the municipality and it is important that these children could be cared for when dining". He added the mayor of Vera that the decision to provide the Public School Angel Haro room service comes from years ago, to be an imperative condition for a center with remedial education needs.

The Councillor for Education of the City of Vera, Maria Montoya, He showed his satisfaction "for this great achievement which complements the support to families who need this service dining for students and Angel Haro, on the other hand, to complete the basic food needs of children ". Equally, Maria Montoya expressed the hope that families and AMPA shown by this service cafeteria, as well as having the possibility that children eat a hot dish that is very necessary, in the words of the Councillor for Education, "Especially to meet the demand of families working in roaming markets".