The 'European Almeria' cycle reaches Nijar and Tíjola


Almeria en Corto Festival continues to open to the province began last night and projections by different municipalities, Nijar and specifically in Tíjola, which they were conducted projections films shot in Almeria area.

Specifically, at the Center for Performing Arts in Nijar he was carried out, within the 'European Almeria' cycle, the screening of the film 'Death had a price' (1965), an Italian-German-Spanish production directed by Sergio Leone and starring Clint Eastwood.

In parallel and within the same cycle, Countryside in the Tijola Fidela Cultural Center was seen 'Bwana', a Spanish film 1996 directed by Imanol Uribe and rolled, as above, Land in Almeria.

This series of screenings will continue tonight with 'Bwana' at the Center for Performing Arts in Nijar, at eight p.m.; and in the countryside Fidela Cultural Center Tíjola, "Living is easy with eyes closed ', film directed by David Trueba in 2013,

For tomorrow, Nijar The stage will host the screening of "living is easy with eyes closed 'and Tíjola of' Death had a price '.