Cerro de las Lomas already has a project that will end the serious problem of landslides

Work performed by landslides.

Work performed by landslides.

El alcalde the Zurgena, Luis Diaz, It approved by resolution of the City Hall construction project for clearing the hill of Las Lomas. the project, based on the work of the government team that has documented the needs and urgency for a solution, It has been delivered by the Provincial Government. This will solve the problems in relation to the instability of the hill, that after heavy torrential rains 2012 It caused the evacuation of several residents from their homes and eviction of commercial premises.

The drafting necessary to fully stable Cerro de las Lomas, valued at 100.000 euros, It is the result of collaboration between the two administrations embodied as a final draft following the meeting months ago between the government team and the deputy zurgenero Development, Óscar Freedom. Mayor zurgena, Luis Diaz, He has held that "a solution to a problem that has caused much concern to the residents affected and this government team and finally disappear with the next works" is next.

Communication with the approval of the Mayor of Zurgena the project of the Provincial, hopefully, presumably, the project for clearing the hill town located in the village of zurgenero tendered shortly and works to begin in coming months, once the provincial government proceed with its tender.

The mayor also praised "the involvement demonstrated by the Provincial with this project and its implementation, resulting in this aid worth around 100.000 euros ". Previously, both the Government of Andalusia and the central government have worked with the City of Zurgena in achieving stability cerrom although this could again be at risk in the event of torrential rains produced a similar magnitude to that of 2012.

The latter agreement will put an end to a problem whose solution the Consistory has worked day after day and that has accompanied the residents of Zurgena for five years. De facto, the stabilization of the hill had become one of the strong commitments by the mayor for this term.