The Andalusian Stone Technology Centre requested the creditors preconcurso

Macael Te Interesa
Outer facade CTAP, en Macael.
Outer facade CTAP, en Macael.

The Andalusian Technological Center Foundation Stone (CTAP), located in Macael (Almería), It has informed the Commercial Court number 1 Almeria the start of negotiations in the extrajudicial area for urgent action on refinancing and restructuring of corporate debt held.

In this sense, and reportedly advanced on Thursday by 'Diario de Almería', the main cause of insolvency of the technology center would be a debt of the Andalusian exceeding 3,6 million euros in relation to various projects.

Faced with this situation without possibility of postponing payments more, including template that is pending, the technological center has closed its doors with the public.

President of the Association of Marble Andalusia (AEMA), Antonio Sanchez, It considered that the fact that the activity of the technology center is not able to survive the insolvency proceedings, “It will certainly affect negatively” a la “competitiveness” small and medium enterprises.

However, He has appealed to “spirit of effort and fighting” that characterizes entrepreneurs of the region marble and stone industry to save this situation. “We have historically been able to spend hard times and hard work to get under that premise. That is why our part we will do everything in our power to get”, he noted

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