The Guadalinfo Albox Center offers free courses battery


The Guadalinfo Center Albox battery again offer free courses for all ages thanks to the cooperation of the City of Albox and the network of Guadalinfo. So, among the projects for the course 2015-2016 are a workshop of 'advice and healthy habits' for pupils of different schools, to learn how to make a video documentary. Another planned training activities is to create a "Monthly newsletter in schools', for students to give a particular vision of what is happening in their municipality.

Other highlights this year is the call, by the Center Guadalinfo, the 'Competition Reading Comprehension in schools' and 'I Workshop Tales Shared'; both are intended to develop both reading and writing among young people. These initiatives joins the 'Lego Robotics Workshop', to promote programming and robotic technology, through educational games and programming language for children. It will also organize a 'Gymkhana Guadalinfo', through which the local history of Albox will spread placing value, through a series of tests, each of the corners and squares emblematic.

Moreover, seniors will have available the workshops 'Dynamic Aging', which will integrate the information and communications technology (TIC). Groups with disabilities can access the workshops known as 'ICT Integration'. Self-employed and SMEs also have their dedicated workshops and learn to apply the knowledge gained in their business models. In addition to these courses, the Guadalinfo Center offer many other services such as, for example, personalized accompaniment for any questions, related advice or assistance with information and communications technology. Within hours set, Users have free access to navigation and space referred to as 'e-Government', for querying issues related to the SAE, SEPE, services and digital certificates.

Inscriptions and information on these courses are conducted in person at the Center Guadalinfo (Plaza Nueva s / n) or through the web: (preregistration). You can also call phones: 663 707 219 / 950 120 610 during opening hours. Access is free as long as the squares arranged not last. They are treated in some actions to improve the training of citizens of all ages. The project works by deploying Guadalinfo, an effective form, its new concept of social innovation, training and employment.