The Huércal Overa Women's Center exhibits a large mural with the motto ‘Live without violence’

The Huércal-Overa City Council has drawn up an urban art mural on the side of the Centro de la Mujer building, with the motto "LIVE WITHOUT VIOLENCE". The mural, work of the Huercalense artist Nico Navarro, it is a landscape in which a girl walks along a sidewalk. Identifying elements of the municipality appear, such as the Castle and the almond trees in bloom.

The Mayor, Domingo Fernández, and the Councilor for Equality, Maria del Mar Mecca, accompanied by the techniques of the Women's Center, of the representatives of the associations of women of the municipality and of the artist have shared the day of completion of the work.

The representatives of the Government team have been satisfied with the result of the work that has a double reading, invite to live without violence and claim the fact that the girl who represents the present and future of women lives without violence, affirming that she lives without violence. The girl walks along a path, that symbolizes equality as a path and not only as a goal.

The characteristics of the mural make the impact high, both because it is an element of urban art of considerable dimensions (70 m2) as for the location in which it is located that is in a very visible place in the town,  because it will also last in time; taking into account the validity of urban art and the high degree of attention that it currently represents. It will also allow the youth population to interact especially with their love of sharing on social networks.

The creation of the mural is financed by the State Pact against Gender Violence.