The Centre for Continuing Education offer the Albox professional certificate.

The Centre for Continuing Education Albox is one of three centers of Almería this year will launch a new course aims to provide students with the key skills necessary for a Certificate of Competence level 3. Pupils and students can get involved in less than one year certification, Bachelor comparable to the workplace, enabling them:

  • Access Certificate of Competence courses in many professions for which it is required to hold title Baccalaureate.
  • If you have work experience, may apply for a Certificate of Competence Level 3 to which few people have access.
  • Foreigners whose degree is not recognized in Spain, may credit a quick way of their studies and / or work experience.

If any of this interests you or if you just want to go forming you to get a job or improve the one you already have, you can come to Centre for Continuing Education Albox and we will inform better.

It is a great opportunity as it is the first time you do a course of this nature in Andalusia, particularly aimed at people without vocational training. If you want to make this course you until day 19 September to make the application.

INFORMATION AND REQUESTS: In the Cadiz Street, s / n of Albox (Town colegio Francisco Fenoy) or phone 950 639 638. Open 4 pm to 10 pm.

Source: We Albojenses