The Support Center develops huercalense Business Development at IES Cura Valera a workshop on creativity within the mini-company program.

General Huercal Overa

Embark Andalucía, foundation linked to the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, promotes, through the mini-companies Educational Program, entrepreneurial attitude 25 First High School students of IES 'Cura Valera' Huercal Overa, through the development of creativity and innovation workshop taught by technicians of the Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CADE) in this municipality.

Education is a mini-company driven counseling program Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, and Education, Culture and Sports, collaboration with the Andalusian Association of Schools of Social Economy (ACES), by which students learn to create all Andalusia and manage their cooperatives, to present them to the public and to sell your items. Educational mini-companies include, turn, three programs or educational resources at my school called Undertake, Empresa Joven Europea and Icarus.

European Young Enterprise, to which is attached the workshop held at the IES 'Cura Valera', to students from 3rd and 4th goes year of secondary school, Baccalaureate, cycles Training and Initial Vocational Training Programs (PCPI), learning to create and manage their own cooperatives, and market their products. This way students know in a practical and actual performance of a company, I must negotiate orders, conduct import and export business, well as to sell their products.

The territorial delegate Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Adriana Valverde said that "the promotion of entrepreneurship is one of the priority actions of the Board to achieve economic recovery and job creation, and that entrepreneurship is the engine of innovation, competitiveness and economic growth ". "With educational resources as developed in Huercal Overa, he added- just want to enhance personal and professional capacity of the youth through training in entrepreneurship, connecting the school to the world of business ".

According to the program content, during the second quarter created mini-companies must develop the chosen activity and perform tasks such as negotiating with suppliers, procurement or seeking funding and sponsors. In the case of IES 'Cura Valera', the group of participating students was a cooperative under the name of 'goodies, S.C.E.’, dedicated to the development and commercialization of small decorative objects made by different municipal associations.

The workshop on creativity and innovation has been very active in the dynamics proposed by CADE huercalense coach and young assistants have provided creative ideas, Built as a pair with TV or a staircase with storage.

The spread of the culture of entrepreneurship at all levels of the education system is one of the priority areas of work of the Junta de Andalucía and the clearest example is the design and implementation of the Development Plan by Enterprise Culture Andalusian Government. With this initiative, the Andalusian seeks to enhance the entrepreneurial culture among young people achieve Almeria and increase its appraisal of the social image of the entrepreneur, economic self-sufficiency and the use of endogenous resources around, contact with social institutions and agents in your area.

Embark Andalucía

Embark Andalucía, Andalusian Public Foundation is an agency of the Government of Andalusia attached to the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, whose main mission is to promote entrepreneurship and business in the region through the provision of support services for entrepreneurs and business people to assist them in the implementation and development of their business ideas.

For this, has 214 Centers for Entrepreneurial Development (CADE), 26 in Almería, and a qualified team of specialists in the various business materials provided, inter alia, free qualified technical advisory services, training, tutoring, corporate housing and support to entrepreneurs and business people to create new businesses and strengthen existing.

In 2013, the 26 CADEs province contributed to the creation of 1.204 companies 1.450 related jobs, as well as the implementation of 52 development plans 95 associated jobs, a 27% companies and 30% jobs created over about 2012.