The City Council decided to manage without the works of PFEA so they can further benefit the town.

The mayor of Albox, Rogelio Mena, announced that the City has decided to manage alone, regardless of the Provincial de Almería, program works Agrarian Development Jobs (PFEA) corresponding to the municipality to, thereby, "Benefits further repercussions in the town". In this regard, stressed that unilaterally assuming the implementation of these projects "will be more effective" and "township enterprises and the people at large will gain" because the Consistory materials needed in the town will be purchased unlike making provincial institution.

Ore, has already held several meetings with suppliers and business associations to address this new scenario, was convinced that "gain autonomy, when you have the means to do so as with the City of Albox, va a ser muy positivo en este caso”.

The team's decision Albox socialist government comes after last 30 April the president of the Provincial, Gabriel Amat, did not include the town in the list with the delegation of works approved in the PFEA as a result of the provincial institution did not agree to assume the albojenses proposals consisting of the purchase of materials would be carried out in enterprises located in the town, además de que se celebrara una reunión preparatoria de todos los proyectos que ayudara a mantener una adecuada coordinación entre la Diputación y el Ayuntamiento.

"As mayor of Albox I will always defend the productive activity, trade and employment in the town, and I consider it incomprehensible that the Provincial, supposedly should do the same, do not ", ha considerado Mena.

Thus, has ruled, "The Consistory of Albox are pioneers in taking on our own works of PFEA" and "we are showing by doing that the general interest directs the action of the socialist government".