Zurgena City Council and the NGO 'Man Project’ Partner to prevent drug.

'Let us help you get it'. This is the slogan that names the Thursday briefing that was held in the facilities of the City of Zurgena aimed at preventing drug use by youth in the municipality. As its name implies, the act will not only preventive but also serve as a starting point in assisting in cases where contact with narcotics has already occurred.

The event will start at four in the afternoon and will be open to all residents who wish to attend, regardless of your age or gender. Your organization has been carried out by the Department of Social Welfare of the City of Zurgena collaboration with 'Man Project', NGO dedicated to the prevention and treatment of drug dependence and other addictions.

Although emphasis will be placed on the prevention of addiction at an early age, advice and useful information will be given in many other cases. Specialists in the field report on how to prevent and detect when the early members of the family use drugs and, in the event that has already occurred contact therewith, give guidelines for parents and family members know detect as apathy in the family or a visible isolation of the young.

Commitment the quality of life

"Such acts involve a great benefit to improve the quality of life of our town in the future, since we are talking about the health of our young people, soon, be our adults ", analyzes Councilwoman Social Welfare of the City, Ana González. "Detecting time if they have contact with the world of drugs is paramount to their future health and. Hence the slogan 'Let us help you get it'. So much so that this kind of acts we avoid coming into contact with substances such as to, if it is too late, help to quit this addiction ", adds.

This event joins other recent events organized by the City of Zurgena to improve the quality of life of all its neighbors, covering different sectors of the population as in the case of the pioneers' Days of the Third Age 'or the' Days on mental health and volunteering, "which also took place in the town.