Zurgena City Council calls for the cooperation of citizens to a major exhibition on Ginés Parra

Lola Garcia. Councilor for Culture.

Lola Garcia. Councilor for Culture.

Zurgena Town Council has requested the cooperation of neighbors facing the exhibition is preparing around the life and work of artist zurgenero origin and international recognition Ginés Parra. The Department of Culture of the Consistory of the hand of the Provincial de Almería is collecting and digitizing works and materials (letters, pictures ...) related artist in private hands facing the organization of a large sample in which different work produced will be exhibited by José Antonio Parra Menchón, better known as Ginés Parra, born in the town of Zurgena the 24 January 1896, subsequently belonging to the artistic movement of the School of Paris after his move to the French capital.

The work is being carried out with the collaboration of the Provincial de Almería, with which it is gathering information and works of the author to display them later. Councillor for Culture, Lola Garcia, He explains that "the intention of the City Council of the hand of the provincial administration is to have items such as letters, written, photographs or works of the author and their different artistic stages, in the future, to house in the village an important permanent exhibition of renowned painter who could be traveling for the enjoyment of other municipalities almerienses "

Zurgenera The mayor encouraged all those in possession of a work of Ginés Parra to "contact the City of Zurgena to help us provide a fair recognition to the height of his artistic figure". Collection panels with elements works and works of Ginés Parra also open the door to the possibility of promoting a traveling exhibition "by the various localities of the province", Add Lola García, who recalls that "in this way began to prepare for the 60 anniversary of the death of the artist most recognized in our town ", Died in Paris 19 April 1960.

Ginés Parra is considered the almeriense representative in the call as School of Paris, considered one of the most representative Spanish painters of the twentieth century avant-garde art. In his work, figurative and simple style but with a great creative and vanguard force, reasons ranging from the bare landscape architectures combine, and Figures bodegones, through religious themes. During his life he shared exhibitions and friendship with artists such as Pablo Picasso or key, inter alia.