The City of Zurgena achieves historic approval of the General Urban Plan.

The paper won the vote for all the Municipal Corporation, who unanimously supported.

Zurgena Township has lived a historic moment this week. Zurgenero City Council approved Tuesday in plenary the General Urban Plan (General Plan) provisionally. This step will normalize Zurgena urban situation and ensure the future development of the municipality.

This document, where he began work a decade ago (2004) received the affirmative vote of all councilors of the Municipal Corporation, both the local government team and the opposition. All councilors and political parties with representation in the City Council agreed on the historical significance of this achievement.

The General Plan, which provides for a balanced growth of all its neighborhoods, provides for the future development of two industrial zones in the municipality totaling zurgenero 537.396 square meter. The area between the polygon's Cobaticas to the junction with the future in the Almanzora motorway junction palaces would be aimed at the implementation of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), having 176.172 square meter. The second industrial zone would stretch from El Cucador to the current entrance to the highway from the Almanzora Redia. Here are stipulated 361.224 square meters for the arrival of big industry. "Far from staying in strictly urban, this government team has worked to ensure the revitalization and growth of the business in Zurgena ", Alderman noted in this regard.

The percentage of buildable for residential use of public housing (VPO) It is referred to in a document 65% cent of total residential. This data is joined by the planned consolidation of all necessary infrastructure in urbanization, water purification, etc..

Also, Zurgena the General Plan of the municipality will provide the necessary and sufficient to stabilize those homes that are currently in a legal limbo tools, allowing them to have a simple repair or license amendment or supplied with basic services such as electricity and water.