The City of Zurgena achieves final approval of all its PGOU



Zurgena Town Council has achieved full approval of its land-use planning (General Plan) by the Junta de Andalucía, competent authority in this matter. This is a historic event for the zurgenero municipality and will allow the development and future growth of the municipality within the security and urban normality.

With this approval, which recognizes all urban areas of the municipality for the first time in its history, and culminating years of hard work by the municipal government team, which has already begun to work for the achievement of new milestones: Total Publication Document PGOU, The development of industrial and residential land and regularization of all homes located in the municipality zurgenero, considering that the new PGOU gives the City Council approved the tools for it.

The document that has gotten the approval of the Regional Government planning situation normalizes historical core of the town as the town of Zurgena, Chicago, the Alfoquía, The Cucador, Palac, the Carasoles, The Menchones and Los Llanos del Peral. The Mayor, Luis Diaz, He underlined the "totally historical character of this approval, Zurgena which makes one of the few municipalities in the province so far have achieved full and final approval of the PGOU adapting to new guidelines from the European environmental legislation ". Diaz expressed his "sincere gratitude to councilors and technicians who have worked hard to reach this achievement, as well as the different delegates and the Junta de Andalucía who have contributed to their achievement ".

With the tools with which the General Plan provides the City of Zurgena, it will begin work on the regularization of all properties in the municipality, ensuring legal certainty of activities intended to be developed within the locality. "Finally all residents of Zurgena live in equal conditions and legal certainty. There will never be zurgeneros first and second ", He summarized the mayor on this issue, adding that first "we will focus on solving existing problems, posteriormente, focus on the gradual and sustainable development of the rest of the municipality ".

Also, the new PGOU of Zurgena also allow you to start all formalities for the development of two industrial estates that the document contains in the municipality, which will mean "a real economic boost for Zurgena", He has valued the alderman.

Final approval of the entire General Plan of Zurgena comes after in June 2017 Territorial Planning Committee dependent of the Andalusian partially approve the document. Since then, the City has continued to work tirelessly to reach this point.

Zurgena the General Plan aims to improve the quality of life for residents and is a future plan for the town to watch a 30% of developable land for the construction of subsidized housing (VPO), facilities which will give young people and families in the municipality to qualify for decent housing without the need to leave their municipality. Also, PGOU collects different projected greenery, as the border city park to the railway station through the acquisition of this area by the City, as well as other green areas intended for walk and recreation of residents and visitors as Ginés Parra next to People's Park. In the same document two large industrial areas devoted to the settlement of township enterprises in the places located in Las Cobaticas and El Cucador are also contemplated.

Thinking progressive growth and stable, the General Plan prepared by the City of Zurgena collects the spaces reserved for the construction of general systems such as electrical substations and water treatment plants to improve the existing infrastructure and providing basic services to citizens of the municipality.