The City Council will employ Zurgena 100 people through employment programs.

Zurgena City Council will employ in the coming months 100 people through special employment programs. This week the first six youths hired municipality have begun to carry out beautification and improvement of public spaces of the municipality and network maintenance (Wifi).

The contracts were made with the program ’emple@joven‘ Board of Andalusia with the collaboration of the City I zurgenero, that will be created in the coming months to 40 jobs for young people under 30 years who are unemployed. An opportunity will also enable you to acquire for a month full time professional experience through this initiative.

"The youth is a sector which is key to begin early work experience. With this program we will make 40 youth under 30 years occupy a job in these times when youth unemployment is reaching alarming levels in our country ", Noelia Garcia explained, Councillor for Culture and Sports.

Moreover, measures for social inclusion allow for the recruitment of 25 People whose work will focus on El Castillo with a project focused on revitalizing this area as historic. Also, program 'Emple @ 30 ’ will lead to the creation of 35 jobs during 15 days full time.

In this case, contracted staff (people over the 30 years old), will work on cleaning in the town as well as recovery of streams and ditches. The goal of the City of Zurgena is to provide a job full time, sometimes in one month and fifteen days in other, the maximum number of neighbors possible.