Zurgena City Council supports the amendment to prevent the demolition of houses outside management.

The House has voted unanimously in favor of the proposal to ensure compensation before the demolition of homes occurs.

Zurgena City Council has supported the amendment proposing plenary amend the Criminal Code to ensure that bona fide purchasers of homes outside management receive compensation occurs before demolition. The session was held in the morning has received the affirmative vote of all members of the Corporation, so the point was adopted unanimously.

The City of Zurgena and supports the amendment that has been presented in the Spanish Senate to defend the bona fide purchasers in the same line that has been working in recent months. The mayor of the town, Luis Diaz, He said that as mayor "will support any measure which would defend the affected regardless of partisanship and political games". So, Zurgena mayor recalled that the Land-use planning -PGOU- which has already been approved in plenary and awaits the final step to becoming a reality after more than a decade of work, also allow urban normalization of hundreds of homes in the municipality of Zurgena.

"When I got to the Mayor a year and a half I said no homes in our town would be demolished. Barely two months to the end of the legislature, I can look into the eyes of our neighbors both Spanish and foreign to tell you that we continue to work so that they can live in Zurgena calmly and we are getting ", Mayor concluded after the conclusion of the Plenum.