Vera City Council organizes the "I formative Day: Young Gitan @ s "

Yolanda Torres, Councilor for Equality and Human Services.

Yolanda Torres, Councilor for Equality and Human Services.

The Convento de la Victoria Vera hosts the next 6 April in time 9:00 a 18:00 the hour "and Seminars: Young Gitan @ s "organized by the Department of Equality and Social Services in collaboration with the Department of Children and Youth council of Vera.

This activity is aimed at young, Roma and non-Roma, from among 14 and 30 years old, who are pursuing any formal or informal study, or forming part of a program of active job search.

To participate in the conference pre-registration is required to perform in the city of Vera own, or by e-mail at the address Registration includes food, free of charge, for people attending.

After the training, and provided that all tables are attending experience, It will be given a Certificate of Attendance Officer of the City of Vera "I Formativa Day: Young Gitan @ s 2018 "justifying 6 training hours.

It is recalled that the Roma in Vera pose 20% of the total population of the municipality, so in proportion to its population, is the most Roma people have in relation to other Spanish towns. It is mostly a young population, in which about a third of it, It has an age below 18 years and birth rates above the average of the whole population.

According to the Councilor for Equality and Social Services, Yolanda Torres, "This Roma community in our town has been changing reality, Vera making a rich multicultural art space, language, music, culture, Commerce, etc.. Even so, we find that still surrounded by stereotypes and prejudices, a fact that leads to an alarming inequality in employment-related aspects, education and socialization. That is why from the Department of Equality and Social Services, He has been working for integration and elimination of stereotypes and prejudices that still exist around this ethnic minority. It is in this context that activities like this are organized "I Formativa Day: Young Gitan @ s ", to work in favor of education and reduce school drop of gypsy children and adolescents. "

To achieve these objectives, in 2015 Vera City Council created the "Positive Reinforcement", which is primarily aimed at getting higher rates of school success from the first cycle of primary education until the final year of secondary education, lower rates of absenteeism and early school leaving and promote continuity in post compulsory studies.

In recognition of this work in favor of the Roma community in the municipality, Vera City Council and specifically the Department of Equality and Social Services, He has received in the last year, Social Image Award 2017 delivering the FSG de Almería. Also the Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (help) This work has been awarded the distinction of the X Progress Award 2017 municipalities with less than 50.000 inhabitants in the category of Youth for Positive Reinforcement Program.

Today it is a fact that in the municipality of Vera, the Roma people is increasingly active in society. A good example is the creation in recent years of Gitana Vera and Stewardship Association of San Antón, both organizations managed directly by this community, with the support of the City veratense.

PROGRAM "and Seminars: YOUNG GITAN @ S "
9:00 – Reception of participants in the training seminar and documentation
9:30 - Welcome and opening by authorities.
10:00 - Mesa experiences "Progress since exclusion", by Marcos Santiago Cortés, lawyer and columnist.
11:30 - Break- Café
12:00 - Mesa experiences (title determine), by Estefania Gonzalez Acién, Teaching Geography Department, History and Humanities at the University of Almeria and member of the Research Laboratory of Social and Cultural Anthropology
14:00 - Food
16:00 - Mesa experiences and municipal projects (title determine), the position of Sheila Carmona Silva, Technical Diploma in Education and Equal FSG Linares (Jaén)
18:00 - Closure training sessions