The City of Vera gets ISO mark 9001

Mayor, councilman and equipment certification.

Mayor, councilman and equipment certification.
Mayor, councilman and equipment certification.

It is the first Spanish public body that manages this distinctive.

Service Citizen of the City of Vera has recently obtained certification system ISO Quality Management 9001:2015, the most recognized and established management worldwide quality standard. Also, He has achieved the IQNet certificate, a certifying entity that brings together internationally over 30 of the main certifying bodies from different countries.

Obtaining this quality ISO 9001, version 2015, is the basis of the quality management system that focuses on all elements of management with a company or organization must have to have an effective system that allows you to manage and improve the quality of their products or services. With this standard capacity is credited to consistently provide services that meet the requirements of citizens and applicable regulatory requirements. The ISO 9001 It provides the infrastructure, procedures, processes and resources needed to help organizations monitor and improve performance and efficiency lead them to, citizen service and product excellence.

The accreditation obtained by the Citizen Service City of Vera, It demonstrates the great work that has been performing this service since its inception. De facto, and according to the information available, SAC veratense the Consistory is a pioneer and one of the most advanced throughout the Spanish territory, since it is the first Spanish public organization that obtains this distinction in version 2015.

Brief History of the City of Vera SAC

The Citizen Service opens on 21 July 2006, an innovative and risky at the time of the municipal government team composed of members of the Andalusian Party also headed by the current mayor, Félix López Caparrós.

It was created with clear objectives and measurable:

– Increased perception of quality for citizens

– Reorganization process / modernization of the inner workings of the City of Vera.

This service, which began with the attention only in person, also it became the virtual 29 July 2013, allowing citizens to communicate and transact with the city of Vera, the 24 hours every day of the year.

During the ten years of operation of Citizen Service, They have been attended in person at the offices of the Service near 280.000 visits.

Also, noteworthy that have been increasing processes and procedures that are made from the same, becoming very important, by volume, In addition to the City Council own Vera, agreed procedures with other government, as they are:

– Accreditation of individuals for obtaining digital certificate Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre.

– Agreement 060 Single Window, which allows citizens to present in this Service, documents for check-in and subsequent delivery by the Hon. Vera Town Hall to the Government of Spain, to Andalusia and the Autonomous Agency of two government.

– The change of domicile of driving licenses and permits movement at the Provincial Traffic Almeria, of those owners of these vehicles, which they are registered in Vera.

– Applications for the issue or renewal of large family to the appropriate department of the Junta de Andalucía.

– Issue of Cadastral Certifications.

To assess the importance of this service within the running gear of the City of Vera, just look at some of the statistics handled the year 2015, as can be:

– Personas met in person: 30.280.

– Telephone calls answered: 24.312.

– E-mails processed: 8.185.

– Steps taken in your Virtual Office: 250.

Another sign of the good work and recognition that has the SAC Vera, It is that there have been numerous councils that have shown interest in the organization and way of working of Service, receiving shipments site visits of politicians and civil servants of municipalities of the provinces of Almeria, Granada, Malaga, Jaén, Cadiz and Alicante.

Note the assessment made by the citizens of the 'Quality of Service' that lends and have recorded through the different surveys for this purpose are available in the Office of Citizen Service, as in the municipal website ( and the Virtual Office of Citizen. During the month of June 2016 the score obtained in these surveys filled out by citizens is 9'87 on a total of 10’00, which it is a clear sign of the good work of each and every one of the members of the Service.

Make a special mention of the work of the secondment to Service personnel Citizen of the City of Vera:

  • informer: Maria Prado Zamora López.
  • Informer: Diego Miguel Piñero Soler.
  • Informer: José Luis Ramos Tapes.
  • Service Coordinator: Herminio Martinez Luis Cortés.

It should be noted that the Service Coordinator, It was the public employee who was immersed in the creation and implementation of SAC, as well as its constant evolution and in obtaining this quality certification.