Vera Town Hall Golden Pen delivers four local writers

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Vera City Council held on Tuesday the International Book Day with a gala in which it recognized the work veratenses four renowned writers and were presented with the Golden Pen. The winners were the Noelia Pérez Ponce, Diego Alonso Canovas, Francisco Flores Perez and Diego Ramirez Soler.

Mayor Vera, Felix Lopez, He explained that he has paid tribute "to our creators, who make us live fantasies, acquire knowledge and information that increase our ability to opinion, or that make us travel through his works ". Thus, Golden Pen makes recognition of "his tenacity, ability to create and creativity ". With this award, Alderman veratense also wanted to encourage writers "to continue writing many books that make the delights of the various public and sectors that are targeted to your works".

The gala opened Noelia Pérez Ponce with an opening speech on the occasion of World Book Day in which he recounted his first approaches to literature, at home by their parents, then through a short story contest won three decades ago and helped him to know the poetry of Rafael Alberti and later with a poetry contest. He recited one of the poems that most marked girl, Night, Alberti. "It seemed so funny now, 30 Years after, It is the same used every year to start the class with my new college students ", supports.

The writer of children's stories, poetry and novels- 'The Gumys' (2017), 'Yes I'm weird! And that?’ (2017), ‘Monsters in my room ' (2018) or 'Zoraida' (2019)—, He drew attention to the important role of families, school and society to encourage reading to young. "The passion for reading does not come as a crush or innately, but it is something that seeps inside us, something that we are all responsible ".

Pérez Ponce also defended the role of libraries as “venue, reading and consultation” and prescribed “30 minutes a day reading for life”. After his acclaimed pregón, the writer received the Golden Pen from the mayor.

Diego Alonso Canovas, Professor of Mathematics and Psychology, He is the author of numerous popular articles, Besides the book 'The musical brain'. He began writing poetry in 2013 and it has gained great recognition in this field in the province. In 2015 He published the collection of poems 'From different angles', where themes such as the seriousness, the irony, love, friendship, music and even mathematics. His latest book, 'Poems class walk', co-written with Diego Reche, It is a set of "sonnets and sonnets not leave them in spurts in this lab rhymes with sparkle and wit of the century".

The writer received the Golden Pen of the hands of the mayor Francisca Garcia and was grateful to "one of these unforgettable that gives you life." To paraphrase the poet Angel Gonzalez, said that "for me to call me Diego Alonso Canovas and is here tonight, it was necessary to coincide the stars in a given combination and the cards we play this game life is not to leave me bad at all ".

For his part, Francisco Flores Pérez, poet prolific author of books like 'Shadow of Destiny', 'In all conditions', 'The reason sense', 'What gives us life' or 'raison d'etre', his last work, She received the Golden Pen of hands Councilor Isabel de Haro. He thanked the distinction granted "on something as important as the book it is in its literary activity, what makes me happy", he recognized.

The last award went to Dr. Diego Ramirez Soler, author of 'Senología. Assessment and Decision Making in Primary Care ', a book of scientific character arising from his experience as a surgeon and dedicated during senólogo 36 years both the study and treatment of breast diseases. He picked up the award from the mayor Alberto Clemente and was "proud and surprised, for despite the widespread recognition of my work, It is unusual that on the day of the letters a scientific work is rewarded, by definition free of any literary boast ".

The gala concluded with a concert piano and violin, by Monica Rubio and Hugo Bechstein, they did a musical gift to the winners, dedicating specially selected songs related to his work or personality. They interpretedImagineYour songLove of my lifeLa SaetaAve Maria, and some subjects of own composition.