Vera City Council subsidizes debit IBI.

In order to make it less burdensome and more affordable payment to all holders IBI receipt, Vera neighbors, residents or not in the city, You can split the payment request receipt of property tax in two installments. Finance Councilman, Alberto Clemente, recalls that "the 1 June is open the period for payment of what was formerly known as 'contribution' ". Among the different forms of payment that the city of Vera at the service of citizens, bancariamente mode debit receipt of IBI has a bonus 5% of total.

Also, payment can be paid in two installments: a first payment by the 50% of total, charged between 1 and 15 July, and a second and final payment between 1 and 15 by October 45% remainder, including in this second payment the aforementioned bonus.

The application requirements are in the Cadastral Office: aportar DAYS / NO, Certificate facilitate checking and complete the application. Similarly, can be ordered online debit IBI receipts attaching the form for this purpose includes a surcharge.


For more information, please consult Collection office located on the ground floor Multipurpose Plaza Mayor Vera.