Vera Town Hall.

Given the misinformation interested in some managers of Neighborhood Associations, primarily Vera Beach, and its dissemination to the Media with the aim of confusing the public opinion regarding veratense logging on municipal land, Vera City Council wants to make clear the following points:

1º. HE. Vera City Council is not holding out felling of trees in the plot of municipal property known as the "Merendero", with access from the Av. Alicante City.

2º. In the adjacent plot to "Merendero", in front of Av. Ciudad de Murcia, and is a building plot of residential and privately owned since 1989, is being performed clearing, land clearing and removal of existing shrubs and trees, as it communicated to the City Council by the private owner thereof, by the usual procedure in such cases, by electronic filing of 22/10/2017, which also reported the start of this work from 30 October.