Sierro City Council and volunteers help the elderly in their day to avoid infection

City Council Sierro and a group of volunteers of this almeriense municipality are helping older local people in their daily work to keep off the streets and can spread during this period of isolation experienced by the population because of the pandemic that caused the Covid19.

So, due to the large population of elderly in Sierro and thanks to the solidarity and initiative of this volunteer group which collaborates with Municipality of Sierro who heads the Socialist Adrian Manuel, Young perform activities for older necessities, like making the purchase and take her home, go for their medicines to the pharmacy, take out the trash generated, and give a walk the pets of these people who are considered risk population by health authorities.

Since Sierro City Council made an appeal to all people over and their relatives to be made available to this group of young to perform these tasks and prevent, so, possible infection.

On the other hand, It is performing activities for the smallest of the people, so that, WhatsApp group created in Sierro send them challenges and activities that children are doing at home. Record and send videos so that from this group a ranking is performed in order to conduct a contest and award prizes after the end of the period of forced confinement by the Covid19.