The city of Seron to bid out the campsite situated in the old town of Menas.

Seron City Council has put out to tender the lease of the exploitation of Camping Las Menas of Seron; for what is made available facilities and assets specified in clauses of the statement recently published in the BOP.

The camping Las Menas is located in a privileged environment of the Sierra de Los Filabres, part of the mining heritage in this hamlet of Seron has been after the iron mines finally closed in the year 1968. With 1.600 meters, The campground has cool temperatures even in summer.

The services have gone to tender for the operation of Camping Las Menas comprise a camping area, Caravanning, Restaurant-Bar and a home for developers.

The operation of the service will be through the form of concessions by the employer manage the service at your own risk and peril.

The City Council shall appoint the service, retaining ownership, but whose ownership transfers to the operator, The following assets and facilities, as are currently:

-Camping con 39 plots, which 30 feature space vehicle 9 no space for vehicle, in any case shall be subject to the existing reality.

-It has reception facilities, Bar y Salón comedor, with the equipment shall be recorded in the inventory.

-The following services are installed: 3 toilets for men and 3 female; 2 showers for men and 2 Women with hot and cold water; 2 lavaderos y 2 sinks with hot and cold water; 2 evacuation cups for men, 2 for women and 3 urinary.

-In street lighting generally include 36 spotlights.

-The number of outlets in toilets is 4.

-The area enjoys a plot 42% shade favored by the existing trees when in full swing.

-The maximum number of seats in the facility is 117.

  1. 3. Price canon.

The price or fee to be paid by the dealer fixed 3.000,00.- €. Annual, payable monthly. At this price will be added the current Value Added Tax at all times.

From second year, the price will be updated by applying the appropriate fee to the old annuity the percentage change experienced by the National System General Index Consumer Price Index, in the period of twelve months immediately preceding the date of each update.

Concession period.

The grant will last 5 years old, counted from the date on which the tenderer receives notification of the contract award. This contract may be extended for up to two periods 2 years old.

It is considered to be implicit in the grant, the power to solve it before maturity, if justified by circumstances arising in the public interest. In these cases, the concessionaire must be compensated for the damages which he has produced.