The city of Seron Progress Award for Tourism 2014.

General Pannier


The Strategic Plan of Tourism of the Municipality awarded by the Foundation for the Development of Peoples of Andalusia and the Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces.

Seron City Council has been awarded the IX edition of the National Awards' Progress’ Tourism in the section for his project 'Strategic Plan for Tourism Seron', selected as the best national proposal for municipalities with less than 50.000 people.

This initiative has competed with proposed locations throughout Spain, resulting in first selected, finalist and then ultimately awarded by The Foundation for the Development of Peoples of Andalusia and the Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces in collaboration with the Ministry of Government and Justice.
The vice president of the Junta de Andalucía, Diego Valderas, will be responsible for delivery of these awards do the next day 4 April, at the headquarters of the Provincial Delegation of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment of Huelva.

The Strategic Plan of Tourism Seron began at mid-year 2011 as vital to the economic policy of the government team for this term,(involving dozens of residents of the municipality for development, seronense so that society became responsible township tourism course). So, Tourism Strategic Plan is based on Governance (Launch a way of consensus with the social reality of the environment). To achieve these objectives, the General Council of Citizen Participation conformed, consisting 42 local people belonging to the tourism and hospitality sectors, town planning, banks, health, sector educativo, cultural associations and neighbors, food sector, business association, women, higher, sports clubs, communities of owners, unions, Guardia Civil, irrigation communities, expert committees and councilors from all political groups.

The Strategic Plan has several stages of development, put some already underway and others in full implementation phase. Among the first were carried: signaling slums or brand promotion (with the assistance of fairs otras communities); the creation of new tourist image or promotion in social networks (where they have already achieved the first successful). There have also been special brochures for tourism establishments are made concrete and promotional campaigns, as trade missions around the south of the National Levante. Ente actions now underway, grant is for adornment of private homes in the core, Construction History Museum at the Castle, business and school awareness or signaling of Old, inter. This initiative has been funded with own fund (150.000 euros in budget 2013 and 130.000 that of 2014)..
Remember that this strategy arose from the concern of the municipal corporation of the need to obtain employment, heritage conservation, environmental sustainability and the pursuit of sustainable economic model for the future.
Mayor Seron, Juan Antonio Lorenzo, pleased with this recognition, says far more important than the prize "that we heartily thank result the success of the strategic plan for tourism and economic future of the municipality itself. Two years ago we decided that the strategic actions we intervene in tourism horizontally in all policies implemented by the session ".