The municipality of Serón begins its Equality Plan to meet the imbalances in this area


The municipality of Serón just put in place a Plan for Equality between men and women, to be held in the town over the coming months with the collaboration of associations and groups in this town. The project, conducted by the business consultants GM (specialist consultant on Equal Opportunities and Gender trained and experienced in conducting municipal equality plans), aims to make visible gender differences and encourage actions that enable real equal opportunities and effective in the city. It counts with a series of specific objectives such as research, documentary, analyze and generate information on the situation of women and men in the town; serve as a meeting point, Exchange of views, points of view, among professionals interested in the subject or give the government team a vital tool as the Municipal Plans for Equal Opportunities with a work plan covering the next four years that you are working for a real equality in the municipality.

The initiative was presented last Friday in the hall of the consistory, Ginés Martínez Balastegui, on behalf of the consulting and Olga Lozano, as Councillor for Social Services, Health and Equality, explaining both, one of the first actions planned by consultant, It will focus on studying the city and introduce a gender perspective, both policy, and action plans and programs in each of the areas of the City "having all of the population and it must be studied and analyzed the baseline", He indicated Balastegui.

"This is an internal diagnostic to own municipal structure, introduce and implement it with the involvement of citizens ", Lozano expounded.

The project is divided into two main parts, the first focused on the council and its inner workings and the second in the general population probing citizenship through anonymous surveys. For these approaches the consultant has created an Equality Commission, formed by people involved in different groups of people, with the idea of ​​drafting a document that reflects the reality of Seron on equality and serve as a tool and basis for work in this area. So, It will be analyzed both the structure of the municipality itself, as families and neighbors through the different surveys and objective analysis of the situation. It is polled if the division of labor is effective or not in families, whether there is reconciliation work and family life, if the wage gap remains latent and a number of issues that will shed radiography on equality of panniers town.

"What we want to work for equality and that the people involved, It is sincere through the commission set up to create a true picture of the municipality ", adds Councillor.

Among other issues a training session on Gender and Equal Opportunities to the Commission for Equality is also developed.

In towns like Almanzora purposes or Purchena will begin shortly Equality plans, Lucar being the pioneer in the region or Armuña de Almanzora, which it is also joined with other activities.