The City Council approves the budgets of Seron 4.515.000 euros with a positive remnant 670.000

Panoramic of Serón (Almería)

Panoramic of Serón (Almería)
Panoramic of Serón (Almería)

The municipality of Serón approves the budgets for the year 2016 with an amount of 4.515.753 euros; some accounts set at the last ordinary plenary session of the town.

The council approved the municipal accounts with the 7 votes in favor of the socialist group and the 4 against the Popular Party, contemplating in them, a staff cost budget of 2.119.000 euros and current expenses of 1.646.000 euros.

In the investment chapter, the plenary approved 500.000 euros, 105.000 in loan repayment, 1.135.000 as direct tax revenue and 31.000 Indirect; in public rates and prices the amount was set at 103.00 euros of income, while current transfers and other income reached 3.175.000 euros.

The investments include items for municipal works for an amount of 140.00 euros, 43.000 intended for PER, 30.000 euros for public lighting, 20.000 for the purchase of urban furniture or 40.000 to clean up public spaces.

The most important item was taken by the new residential center for the elderly planned for the La Arquilla neighborhood of this town, Which collects 202.000 euros for the construction of a first phase.

Regarding the votes of the municipal accounts, the 4 popular councilors did it against, considering that the investment in the residential center should be carried out by the private company to avoid the “patronage network”, that in his opinion is created with these initiatives.

The mayor, Juan Antonio Lorenzo, defended the positive vote of the 7 councilors of the socialist group, arguing the capacity of the municipal workers and the "honesty" of the teams that select these workers "who for several years have been exclusively technical".

The budget was also approved in the fiscal year 2015, that closed with a result of 5.300.000 euros (800.000 euros more than the initial estimates approved in the budgets of 2015) and 670.000 euros of accumulated remainder (old surplus).