Huércal Overa City Council opens a new call for aid for Erasmus students

The City of Huércal-Overa continues its policy of supporting neighbors, Proof of this is the new call for Erasmus Scholarships, aimed at those students who are enjoying the municipality this year or they have done in 2016 a grant of this type.

The councilman of Culture, Belen Martinez, He explained that "once again from the government team to call back the aid within initiatives to support our local college students, the same is intended to help during your stay with Erasmus Scholarship. Thus we continue this initiative has been successful in previous years and remain committed to the education of our youth. "

The applicant must be a university student, be registered in the municipality at least eight years, not necessarily consecutive; You are enjoying the Erasmus scholarship in this present year or have done during the period from 1 January 31 December 2016 and it not has been beneficiary of that aid previously. Instances and required documentation must be submitted in the General Register of the City of Huércal-Overa until next 20 November.

Documentation to attach to the instance is the certificate of registration, photocopy of DNI, proof of having been registered in the course 2015-2016 for convening 2016 or in the course 2016-2017 for convening 2017 at university, the accreditation of being a beneficiary of Erasmus Scholarship and certificate of ownership of bank account.

The budget that we have is of 6.000 euros per call will be distributed depending on the duration of the grant obtained and up to 1.000 euros per person.