City Council Cuevas returns to claim the repair of the desalination plant

Desalination Villaricos.

Desalination Villaricos.

The Municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora has reapplied in the last full execution of restoration works, reform and commissioning of the Bajo Almanzora desalination plant, which is located in Cuevas del Almanzora, accredited practically ruinous state of this work of general interest.

It is recalled that this proposal already adopted at a plenary of the corporation last February 2016, by which it requested the General State Administration (Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment) the execution of these works of rehabilitation, without having had any response from the Government. And given that repeatedly since 2012 items have been included for that purpose in the State Budget, that later they were canceled to finance budgetary amendments.

Cuevas Desalination Plant is currently unused since the weather events that occurred in September 2012, which they involved flooding and its current dilapidated state.

As they have reapplied, with the unanimity of the members of the plenary of the corporation, It is "essential for the economic development of the municipality who carry out these improvement works, in order to avoid damage to the primary and constant agricultural sector of our people and to ensure full use ", He highlighted the Mayor Antonio Fernández Liria.