The City of Caves turns away from Baria.

The Cuevas del Almanzora PSOE criticizes the PP clearance Baria devote to a living museum interpretation.

Phoenician necropolis of Villaricos.

Socialists criticize popular that refuse, despite the availability of money to do it, a beneficial action for the people

The PSOE Cuevas del Almanzora has criticized the People's Party has rejected its proposal for a living interpretation of the ancient city of Baria on at the Museum of the Marquis of Los Vélez despite the budget Antonio Manuel Campoy Foundation 2014 have the money for a performance of this type.

According to the socialists have detailed, It was during the height of the Foundation, an autonomous body under the City of Cuevas del Almanzora- in which bills were approved this year when the popular "rejected the idea of ​​incorporating the same basis for the development of material on ancient interpretation Baria for exhibition in the Museum of Vélez Márquez".

And that decision, have stressed, "It is completely incomprehensible" if you consider that the PP argued that the Foundation will have a surplus of 19.610 euros. Thus, have argued from the PSOE, "What we propose is that the surplus be allocated to real investments, dedicating a basis for the development of interpretive materials of the ancient city of Baria "that, have reminded, "It is of great importance in the archaeological area of ​​the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula, and that the City of Cuevas del Almanzora is not echoing with no cultural or tourism action ".

The government team, Socialists have lamented, "Rejected the proposal on the grounds that such action was not part of the statutes" when "paradoxically, in memory of activities Manuel Antonio Campoy Foundation released by the mayor made appear disparate activities such as meetings of bugles and drums bands, Festival It's called Ballad or concert of David Bisbal ".