the mayor, Purification Sanchez.
the mayor, Purification Sanchez.

Cantoria City Council has announced that it will resume the drafting of the General Urban Development Plan (General Plan) the municipality "from scratch", after discovering that during the period of government of the Popular Party, "there was no progress". The current government team has found that "does not exist in the municipal any document concerning the new General Plan" that can be used, although the former mayor, Pedro Llamas, He came to pay almost one million euros to the company for allegedly Kalitas draft the new urban plan.

The City Council recall that the former mayor has just been sentenced to 9 year ban from public office precisely because the payments made to the company. The sentence in question, issued by the Criminal Court No. 2 Almeria, Pedro Llamas sentence for committing a continuing crime of trespass between 2007 and 2011, to have masked the payment of this amount through signing 13 smaller contracts, knowingly, also, that his action was illegal, given the repeated warnings that made the City Clerk.

The government team have noted, also, the million euros paid to Kalitas is "clearly excessive amount", since most of the municipalities in the province drafting the new urban plans costing them around 100.000 euros, much of which, also, They can be recovered with grants from the Andalusian.

In view of these data, the government team considers that payments produced in the previous mandate "to draft a General Plan that is nonexistent" could constitute a crime of embezzlement of public funds, laying will ask responsibilities. "Despite this so exorbitant spending and he ordered Pedro Llamas came entirely from the municipal coffers, the General Plan has not come to pass in any of its phases, or useless documents drawn up by the contractor, so that we will require to clarify what has been the actual target of that million euros ", They have announced since the government team.

For the Socialist councilors, what happened to the General Plan during the term of Llamas has been "a great disservice to the people of Cantoria" and constitutes "a monumental scam, that must not go unpunished ".