The City of Cantoria Almanzora retrieves the station building as a local attraction services

Cantoria City Council has completed the full restoration of the station Almanzora to make it multipurpose center already houses a large social hall for activities of the neighbors, service office bilingual audience, due to the large number of residents of British origin living in the area, and a modern restaurant with ample terrace which was once the platform waiting for train travelers Granada-Murcia (1885-1985).

The works were carried out under the direction of architect Jorge Espinosa and work consisted restore the original appearance of the season, but providing therein a higher functionality with fine materials of the marble basin conferring, at the same time, a modernist air generated public spaces.

A total of about 200.000 euros invested between main building, platform and surrounding streets make up an architectural ensemble now that the Consistory has become a new tourist attraction. Cantorian government team ensures that the effect call now totaling station and picnic area will help generate support towards the next big target, which is none other than the recovery of the Palacio de Almanzora, Architectural Heritage declared Artistic Historical Interest. In this scope the minister's visit is part of functions Culture and Sport, Jose Guirao, this weekend the town.

"From the first moment we promised to return Almanzora all its glory of yesteryear and there is no doubt that we are on the right track. First you had to solve basic problems, as access from wadis, conveying water, sewage or sanitation of the streets themselves. We built a picnic area that has no equal in the whole province of Almeria and the station was there, some waiting for that administrations have to carry out the Greenway fail of the old railway track record moviesen. So things, we decided to take the first step because it is not a work either, It is an investment that will give Almanzora another reason to want to live in it ", Puri says Sánchez, Socialist mayor of the town.

The Almanzora plan was designed from the beginning of the last legislature by the village headman Antonio Cerrillo, and it consisted of a series of works that ensure optimal conditions of habitability in the neighborhood. Also, with the set of actions taken to recover it comes to unique spaces to turn them into rural tourist attractions.

The works of the station and surrounding areas have not only resulted in the recovery of the building with the finest materials companies in Cantoria. It has also been urbanized around the perimeter and entertainment area attached to merendero, the barbecue area outdoor fully equipped urban center of public services, sinks, huge tables and benches runs natural stone or playground.

Jardineras, almendros, cactus and art lighting and lower energy consumption make the historic manor home of the Marquis de Almanzora in one of the populations most projection in the field of rural and residential tourism Coalfield.