City Council receives furniture Bacares Javier Peña '.

The territorial delegate Equality, Health and Social Policies in Almería, Alfredo Valdivia, did today deliver several batches of furniture made by users of the Day Stay Unit Occupational Therapy with Javier Peña 'Bacares the City Council and the Association of the capital's Traíña. The 'Javier Peña' is a center of the Ministry of Equality, Health and Social Policy that serves people with intellectual disabilities who are helped to improve their social and professional integration.

The material presented today both entities have a total value of 7.435 euros. Mayor Bacares, José Segura, has collected on behalf of the City Council 50 folding chairs and two desks, an amount approximately 2.810 euros. For his part, The Association has received Traíña 10 upholstered armchairs, 30 folding chairs, four square tables, three desks and three shelves, all with a value of 4.625 euros.

The territorial delegate Equality, Health and Social Policies in Almería, Alfredo Valdivia, has been sealed by the mayor and Juan Sanchez Bacares, representing the Traíña, Conventions for the assignment of this material is formalized, both entities should allocate for social purposes. Then, He accompanied them on a tour of the center, to show the different workshops that manufactured furniture donated.

Alfredo Valdivia has shown during the ceremony "double social role of Javier Peña, one hand and form serves people with intellectual disabilities, and other supplies material to public and private non-profit, no cost to them, thus helping them to do their work and to provide improved care ".

Attention, training and employment

The Day Stay Unit Occupational Therapy with Javier Peña 'is a center for the care of people with intellectual disabilities of working age who can not be integrated, Transient permanently, in a standardized working environment. In 'Javier Peña', by conducting pre-employment and occupational tasks, social integration is intended and if, work of these people, improving their personal and social adjustment, normalizing their lives and, where possible, habilitándoles occupationally. All with the goal of ensuring equal opportunities for women and men with disabilities.

The 'Javier Peña' is attached to the Territorial Delegation of Equality, Health and Social Policies in Almería. It is located in the Julian Besteiro street of the capital city of Almeria Quemadero. Currently serves 70 users, from among 23 and 63 years old, of which 53 men 17 women.

Among its facilities different occupational areas and labor: pottery, toy store, carpentry and painting and upholstery. Users are rotated in different sections, according to their preferences.

In the center of production of office furniture, wooden toys, ceramic decorative items and other materials. All this is intended to provide equipment to public and private non-profit, who develop their work in the field of social services.