The City of Albox and AEPA signed an agreement to promote the Open Mall 'El Arriero'

Signing of the agreement.

Signing of the agreement.
Signing of the agreement.

The mayor of Albox, Small towers Francisco, and the president of the Association of Businessmen and Professionals of Albox- Valle del Almanzora (AEPA), Martin Martos, They have signed a collaboration agreement which will promote trade and tourism activities in the municipality in general as well as within the Open Mall 'El Arriero' in a planned manner, for at least one year. The target of this agreement is to promote plans and programs in order to develop in the center of town a leisure, shops and distinct tourism.

As recorded by the agreement, participating entities will participate actively and effectively in the tourist and commercial market, National and international, to encourage demand towards Albox. Also, marketing systems necessary be established for full occupancy of tourist places. In the same way, the steps necessary to achieve financial contributions to fund different projects by other administrations be made. Organize activities aimed at promoting Open Mall 'El Arriero', on the one hand, and business productivity and attracting tourism, for another, They add to the list of planned actions. Each of these actions will be aimed at improving the tourist and commercial image.

The framework agreement signed determines the creation of a joint committee with two representatives from each party. In this close collaboration, the albojense Consistory is committed to working for the maintenance and development of the activities of the Mall, and cooperate in events in tourism and commercial development. Another of his commitments is to enable free parking areas, and establish a pedestrian signage, vehicles and street furniture. The local authority will make available for use municipal facilities (prior coordination), in addition to requesting all kinds of subsidies to carry out actions both own and organized by AEPA.

The mayor thanked AEPA the work performed by one of the most important sectors of the local economy such as trade, stating that "one of the main objectives of this government team is to bet on the actions to promote entrepreneurship. This municipal commitment is motivated by the fact that we are aware of the need for specific treatment of the urban center for its high concentration of commercial deals and tourist ".

For his part, Business Association is committed to carry out actions previously submitted, annually, before the appropriate council. Promote activities in the city aimed at developing good business practices is another of the commitments, and the availability of human resources in the development of the activities agreed. To all this cooperation and support activities promoted by the City Council aimed at business fabric adds, commercial and professional.

However, the Joint Commission composed of representatives of both entities may propose objectives, the duration and the overall project, the group of activities of common interest in which they can cooperate. They also have the possibility, as recorded document, to monitor and evaluate projects, planned activities and developments of the purposes outlined proposals for measures to better compliance. Similarly, you can study, issuing reports with the need for modification and extension of the current agreement.


Both Martin Martos Francisco Torrecillas and have agree in highlighting the challenge "is to make the city center a benchmark" with the involvement of merchants and restaurateurs, mainly, and numerous other businesses present in this area that will be part of the future Open Mall Albox.